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For all business development, inadequate or mismatch of facilities from banks, shortage of company histories, low TU grading, lack of collateral, negative profits of financial audited reports, we provide professional advice for clients and analyses their needs on strategic financial planning including installment loans, overdraft and trade facilities.

Secured Loan

  • Advice on those self-employed to pass the income proof criteria in mortgages.
  • With 30 years mortgage tenor at most
  • Up to 90% mortgage loan
  • Free valuation


  • Without collateral
  • With 60 installments at most for installment loans/overdraft facilities
  • Only 1 year company history
  • Previewing problems may face when applying loans

Government Funding Consultation

SME Loan Guarantee Scheme(Guaranteed up to 50% by Trade and Industry Department)

  • 50% Amount of Guarantee for an enterprise, maximum total guarantee amount of $6 million
  • Up to $12 million for maximum loan amount
  • 5 years tenors maximum
  • For installment loan purpose only
  • Preferable Rates
SME Financing Guarantee Scheme (Guaranteed up to 80% by The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited(HKMC)

  • Applicable to “Installment Loan” and “Revolving Loan”
  • Financing amount up to $12 million with 80% guaranteed
  • 5 years tenor maximum
  • Premium to HKMC is needed for enterprises*

The Financial Secretary had announced in the 2016-17 Budget Speech the reduction of the annual guarantee fee rates for the 80% Guarantee Product by 10% and the removal of the minimum annual guarantee fee rate of 0.5%.

Why choosing CWK for SME loan application

By Enterprise
Successful Rate Lack of knowledge on banking credit approval, difficult to judge success or not Expertise on banking policies,strategic planning on loan application to increase successful rate
Loan Amount, Rates, Terms & Conditions Dealing with all banks alone and difficult to get preferable terms and rates Handling different banks with clients with close relations and get better terms and rates
Time to approve Handling same documents with all banks alone, time consuming Focused to main banks for clients, simplify documents
Other Effects Declined banking records may affect re-application Strategic planning for application lead to loan drawn down at fastest

Mind and Heart with client • All Win

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