Company Information

CWK Corporate Finance Limited aiming to provide financial advisory services for different corporates, including IPO strategic planning, tailor made corporate loan consultation and government funding application consultation.

We familiarize with credit guidelines and criteria approval of different banks and government departments, keen on handling the barriers of enterprises which facing to. Our team serve with “Mind and Heart with client” and ensure clients can get the most valuable and best financial solutions.

Our Partners

CWK Corporate Finance Ltd have close relationship with over ten banks, CPAs and lawyer firms to guarantee providing clients with high quality, quick and tailor made services to solve their problems, achieving win-win situation.

Company Vision

As a “Financial Doctor”, we request having good communication with clients in order to understand every client thoroughly on their financial situations and needs so that provide every client with best financial advices.

CWK Corporate Finance Ltd seeking for a long term relations with partners in order to helping clients understand the financial trends more, so that clients would build up good basis in the future development.

Mind and Heart with client • All Win

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