Foundation Engineering Company

Consultants have successfully obtained approval of trade lines of $3M to client by the client’s engineering contracts •Client credit rating is just averaged •Client used to borrow money from a number of banks •Financial statements show that the client's profit is not enough to support the debts

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Gift Packaging Company

Our consultants successfully strived for $ 14 million loans to the client. By continuous follow-up, the client's credit rating has jumped from Grade H to Grade B. In addition, we also transferred client's property from other financial institutions to banks. Mortgage and trade facilities sum up a total of 95% of the property valuations. [...]

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Garment Industry Company

Our consultants successfully transferred client to a more aggressive bank, giving the client an additional $ 3,000,000 overdraft limit compared to the bank client was using before. •The customer owns a three-storeyed industrial building and the credit rating is good •Alteration of old and new company set up, the turnover dropped sharply •The financial [...]

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Construction Engineering Company

Our consultants have succeeded in getting 2 banks to grant $ 700,000 installment loans to our clients. As a result, the client can solve the cash flow problems immediately. No property as collateral As client’s company was founded less than 3 years, so when she asked a number of banks; those banks cannot provide [...]

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Jewelry design and trading company

Our consultants find the most suitable banks for client and successfully obtained $ 1.4 million installment loan for preparation for jewelry exhibition. Although the client credit score was good, the company's financial statements showed that the company suffered a loss for two consecutive years and client has no property as collateral. General banks treat [...]

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Advertising Design Company

Our consultants have successfully obtained $3.6 million installment loans from 3 banks for client without getting properties as collateral, but better terms and rates. Client's credit record is good, company background is strong Client owns multiple properties but does not want to use the property as collateral to apply for a loan Apply for [...]

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